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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. My name is Sophia and I'm here to help you satisfy all of your foot and shoe fetish desires and fantasies. I have a true fetish for sexy shoes and have a vast collection of them, plus I love the attention I get from my admirers while wearing them! I'm always on the prowl for more shoes as well to feed my own desires!

For the longest time I've noticed that many men regularly stare at my feet and shoes, and over time I've received countless compliments on them, whether it's about a sexy pair of strappy high heeled sandals I'm wearing or perhaps while dangling a heel while at work, to a fresh pedicure I just got from the salon, it seems like the compliments never stop coming.

I've decided to create a web site designed to allow members the privilege of getting much closer to my beautiful feet in any way you desire. As a member you can expect to get many video updates every week along with high quality picture updates as well. As a passion of mine, I can assure that you'll be very pleased with my efforts! I encourage your feedback and requests as well, and will accommodate fantasy requests for members.

I'll be doing the things I already love such as teasing you with my feet, modeling sexy shoes of all kinds, showing off my soft wrinkled soles for your pleasure, crushing things seductively with my feet and underneath my heels, slipping on and off a pair of sheer pantyhose or stockings, pedal pumping and anything else you want to see, so let me know what's on your mind. For those of you interested in certain used items such as socks, hose, flip flops, etc, consider them available. Just email me of your interests. My goal is to make all your dreams come true! So, sit back, relax and enjoy your stay!

Sophia xoxo

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